Leo Burnett, General Motors Team

I supported the internal UX design team by auditing and mapping out the content needs for their B2B audiences. I was responsible for communicating business goals to the design team.


Working the internal team at General Motors, I lead efforts to reposition the General Motors Fleet for optimal B2B contact through a website redesign. With work currently in production, efforts can be shared privately offline. 

I helped lead the design team through content and technical requirements for the re-launch of GMFleet.com. I provided a series of workshops, meetings, strategy briefs and content models to help highlight the needs of the fleet audience.

I worked in collaboration with design, UX, GM Research and GM IT to better define a content-based approach to responsive web design. A user-centric approach was established early on to understand how the fleet audience consumes content and the types of design patterns necessary to facilitate the vehicle research process.


  • Content Strategy: Inventory, prototypes, atomic design
  • Content Workshops & Quantum Workshops
  • Positioning/Research: Personas, content types, voice & tone


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