94fifty, Smart Basketball

From start to finish I mapped out content and wireframes, as well as developed, 94fifty’s eCommerce, Marketing, and Customer Support websites. I also supported the design efforts of an IOS application to accompany 94fify’s Smart Basketball. Time magazine named it one of the “Top 25 Inventions of the Year” in 2014.


94fifty created a Smart Basketball, which utilized sensors on the ball to track a player’s data from jumpshot arch to dribbling patterns. To display this data to players, they needed an app that could track, report and even offer advice. If the app detects a player’s flaw, a coaching voice can tell the player to “go faster” or “snap your wrist.” Through project management and content strategy I was able to bring this data to life.

Unfortunately 94fifty stopped production in 2016.


Nack Creative, Spectrum Data, Internal Infomotion Sports data team, Internal Infomotion Sports marketing team


  • Project management: Managed many deliverables and strategic goals in preparation for Apple Store launch
  • Content strategy: Prototype, positioning, audit
  • Mobile App: IOS, content mapping, inventory


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