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The Story of Andy

Andy Stiebler – Columbus, Ohio – Husband, Father and Adventurer

A son of the midwest, I was born and bred in Columbus Ohio. I was birthed as the only boy into a loving, large and very feminine, Catholic family. Growing up outnumbered 1:5 in such an environment required my frequent escape to the outdoors. When not pursuing independent endeavors, I often worked for my entrepreneur father. Being a part of many of his businesses successes and failures paved the way for my pursuit of an education in business and marketing.

My entrepreneurial spirit stems from my sense of adventure. A passion, albeit, perhaps a skill that was observed at an early age. I credit this trait to my world-trekking grandfather and national geographic collecting great-uncle. This sense of adventure has inspired me to travel, volunteer, and work across many geographic locations. These locations have spanned from the smallest corners of the United States to the most desolate mountains of New Zealand. These travels have taught me to look at old problems in new ways and never be afraid to explore a new path.

My early upbringing helped steer me to a life of independence and entrepreneurship. It also set the cornerstone of my personality, a laid back guide who enjoys coaching and mentoring business leaders.

A collection of short interdisciplinary writings of my experiences


Personal Achievements


Miami OH University | Western College of Interdisciplinary Studies | 2009

Core curriculum included: Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Psychology, Writing.

I created my own major that involved me writing a thesis around connecting the power of psychology, community and data in American political theory.


Eagle Scout

Odd Jobs:

Worked with Circus Elephants in the Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Circus | Played Water Polo in the Australian National League

Community Projects:

I have spent a decade working with Cranks Creek Survival Center, Cranks Creek, Kentucky (Think food kitchen meets housing meets basic medical support).

Service Work:

Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, Trail Building with the US Forest Service

Worked across many cities in the world:

Sydney, Australia | Tampa Bay, Florida | Cincinnati, Ohio | Porto, Portugal